My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea. (shadowed_ruins) wrote,
My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea.

Drunk bungy jumping...yes.

Could anyone even slightly imagine how completely not cool drunk bungy jumping would be? Sorry, question that really amused me. You see my father is home and we were having very silly conversations about nothing again.

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Is that you in that photo? Well don't you look pretty. :D
I like yours hair! YaY!

... BYE!


P.S. I would be more than happy to one day go drunk bungy jumping. :D As long as i don't have to drink alchole... yes....
Yes it is me! I love that photo cause my eyes look strangly blue...

Lol, I wouldn't go bungy jumping at all!
youre strange... but that would be a rather weird experiance. i shall get my brother drunk and tie a rope to him and push him off a cliff then he shall tell us what its like. hm... i just realised that this could be dangerous... yay!
Lol, good idea!

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