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Hey guys...

Its been ages since I've been to this site and to be honest, I've missed having something I am commited to mantaining. Even if it is a journal that mostly contains random shit.

I took a big step and moved out in the last year with my boyfriend... this is about the time that I stopped updating my journal due to no computer and internet at my place. Things have gone up and down since then but dylan and I have been together for 2 years and are happy at the moment.

At the current time I work at KFC instead of IGA. I hate my job, and would rather be unemployeed than continue working for such nasty and selfish people. From the management down everyone there is a load of self absorbed bitches.

I'm updating my journal from my mums house cause I am staying the night for mothers day. Even though I have been back to my journal several times in the last few months, tonight is the first time I have felt like writing an entry.

More to come soon... I have been slack, sorry about neglecting my journal.

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