My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea. (shadowed_ruins) wrote,
My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea.

I wonder what noise fly’s would make if they could vocalise.

I've spent the week at camp and am now extremely tired. I had a big sleep last night after I got back from camp still I felt like crap. This morning but had to go to work where, for the first time since I've worked at IGA, I was asked to work the entire day. So now I have progressed for exhausted to FUCKEN exhausted and I have to go to a party tonight. Yes, have to go because its a close friends birthday party and I would feel guilty if I didn't go. I think I'll only stay for a couple of hours and then come home and sleep well into tomorrow! I'm way to tired and don't have the time to do a proper update about camp, but I have taken 186 photos and will post the best ones a full update tomorrow night or Monday.

Farewell my dear friends, I'm going to sleep for and hour then get ready for the party...

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