My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea. (shadowed_ruins) wrote,
My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea.

I had a semi happy day today, and learnt that everyone else seems to have as radical mood swings as me, that or I do something right now and again that seems to impress people. Today was quite a normal day everyone was really normal towards me and no one got up me for anything! All my teachers were quite nice towards me today, especially during musical practise as well! Which went awesomely, MY FAITH IN THIS MUSICAL HAS BEEN RESTORED!!! The unthinkable has happened, I was so sure it was doomed for failure...but it turns out that my school might be able to produce something half decent. Woo to them! No really, this heralds a first for my school...

Anyways, goals for the rest of the year are to lose weight for both my formal and acting auditions, get singing lesson, licence, and do well enough at school to get into a different course if acting doesn't work out.

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