My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea. (shadowed_ruins) wrote,
My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea.

Lately I've had an obsession with music! I love the way a song can say exactly what you're feeling at the time, both when our sad or happy, plus there are varying degrees to either side of those two options. Sometime I think it’s awesome to be an actor and a musician at the same time, the actor helps you to get into the mood of the song, to feel it and become absorbed. And it can be the most wonderful feeling sometimes! I just wish I knew how to use my voice properly.

Man: God...God!!

God: You've stepped in dog poo, you smell and I will not bestow my holy words upon you until you wipe it on the grass or something

Man: But god!!


Man: Oh, right (wipes poo off on the grass) Sorry god...I was absorbed in my self pitty.

Something random, cant be explained because there is no explanation and is therefore unexplainable:

Unexplainable things = Confusion = world scale confusion = universal confusion = large-scale war with no purpose = death of everyone alive = no humans = no pollution = the world would be better off without us anyway! WEEEE We're all dead!

Point proven!

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