My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea. (shadowed_ruins) wrote,
My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea.

I'm planning on updating my journal once more, the past half year has been full of ups and downs but overall it has been the busiest part of my life thus far. I will gradually update on my half a year away from livejournal but not today. For now there are some current things I would like to comment on.

Well, yr 12 has finished and it is highly overrated. Despite all the promises of continued friendship and staying in touch, I have been completely alone from the moment all our parties ended and we went back to our separate lives. I wanted so much to feel like people would still seek me out and involve me even though they didn't have to see me every day...but it just hasn't happened. Through my annoyance and frustration at my predicament and at several occasions where I have been with my "friends" and have been practically ignored, I seem only to have managed to alienate people. Is it so bad to have expectations of friendship? Or should I just let it all wash over me and accept the shit if it only gives me a chance to become involved in peoples lives? Its sad how all the wonderful moments we shared together and all the deep meaningful things we all spewed upon each other in the last two weeks of school have now amounted to nothing.

I auditioned for the Acting course at USQ, didn't get into that but got into Theatre Studies instead and received my letter of acceptance early this week. So I'm going to UNI!!! WoOO Not really, I will be constantly thinking about what the actors are doing and how much I would love to be a part of that.

My 18th is coming up and I'm looking forward to it! It symbolizes so much in a persons life...legally drinking alcohol...which means I will be the man when it comes to supplying my drinking buddies at parties! ;-) I'm having a big open party the week after my birthday which should be good. I wanted to do the whole go to the pub and buy my first legal drink with my parents and obligatory dinner out with the family. My auntie is moving to Brisbane and I have a sneaking suspicion that her and my cousins will want to come and visit for my birthday but I don't particularly want them to. It has been two - three years since I've even spoken to her and I feel not close family connection with her or any of my cousins, so there really would be no purpose to it, it would just be uncomfortable if they did.

Hope you all have a safe Christmas holidays and enjoy your new year...though not to much *winks* lol I KNOW I'M GOING OUT FRICKEN PARTYING!!!!! Thank god I'm 18 the day before (30 dec).

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