My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea. (shadowed_ruins) wrote,
My ninja's kill your ninja's, then will come tea.

I tried to identify the changes that had taken place between my personality and views to date, and those of a few years ago when I was younger. And surprisingly I can remember little about who I used to be and what used to matter to me the most. How obsessed I have become with my own little present day world...though I still indentify the fact that I have grown and matured in the way I choose to look at life. Largely I've tried to adopt an attitude and outlook of "live for the moment" trying not to dwell on my own past, other peoples pasts and future expectations, doubts, insecurities and events. Mostly this has stemmed from the fact that I am sick of having my life ruled by every little thought and reflection on past and future happenings and potential grievances. All of which constantly creep up on the edge of my thoughts and serve only to frustrate and anger me, distracting me from what is actually happening around me at that precise moment. This technique works well when I am at work, though perhaps in a slightly altered way to how it was first intended. When combined with my persistent denial of the presence of a clock time seems to fly by without recognition of it having even have taken as long as it did to complete my shift. You see if I do not know the time and think not of it, then I cannot be frustrated by how long I have worked or how long I still have to work because both amounts are unknown to me. However in real life and concerning real people this view on life feels rather narrow minded and shallow. Ideally if every person took on this view of life, the world would have no problems neither with ourselves or with others. No one would be held accountable for their past actions to any level nor would anyone suspect or be wary of a repercussion of the same behaviour, because every individual moment that has passed, including the thoughts and observations applicable to each situation, both of others and of self, would no longer hold any relevance to the present happenings in which we become entangled. It is hard to maintain this attitude when those around you persist in doing the complete opposite by choosing to hold everyone around them hostage to their own thoughts, feelings, views and suspicions that arise from observations in human nature.

Another successful psychological observation complete. Oh how I love to screw and mess around with the boundaries and limitations of being human.

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